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The story behind the new name of my blog is kind of funny. I had planned out this rebrand and website update for almost three weeks (during those first few weeks of pregnancy when I was too exhausted to do much of anything) and had an entirely different name picked out. Wouldn't you know that as I was almost completely finished with overhauling the website that I randomly found an established blog with that same name? What happened next wasn't pretty, if we're being honest. I can blame it on the pregnancy hormones but in reality, I was really just panicking that I had made a mistake by taking this rebrand on altogether (my second in just a few months).

I sat down with a cup of coffee and started brainstorming new name ideas but was quickly getting frustrated by the fact that I hated everything I came up with. Ever my own harshest critic. My husband tried his best to help and finally, I just gave up and resigned myself to "figure it out later!" That's when I remember picking up the latest issue of The Magnolia Journal and everything changed with one article. It was a note from Joanna Gaines herself simply titled, "Made for This." I was blown away by how open she was about her fears about being able to be a mother again at the age of 40. The article resonated with me so much that I was quickly scribbling down name after name that came to mind as I read it.

Finally, Made in Mom Jeans hit me and man, let me tell you that there are few things in my life that have ever felt this right.

There isn't really a much deeper meaning behind the name Made in Mom Jeans other than the title of the article I read. A reminder that I was made for whatever season of life I'm in. That I was made to be exactly who I am and be doing exactly what I'm doing. I like to think of mom jeans as a bit of a signature of mine (though they don't play well with a 13-week baby bump) and I realized as I was reading the article that in the short time since I started wearing the typical Mom Jean, I've felt like I've come more into myself than ever before. Maybe that is just something that comes along with your mid to late twenties but either way, I know that I am exactly where and who I am supposed to be.

I was made for this.

It is my hope that Made in Mom Jeans can serve as a reminder and a source of inspiration that you, too, were made for whatever season of life you're in. No matter your current struggles, anxieties, tests of faith, etc. it is my hope to always remind you that you were made for this.

Other than the name, not much around here will change. Made in Mom Jeans will still be a relatable and down-to-earth place where you can find advice and first-hand accounts on things from marriage, to military life, motherhood, and so much more. Made in Mom Jeans will continue to be a place for honest conversations and a place where you can come to find community. The AM Coffee Collective will serve as an extension of Made in Mom Jeans, offering a virtual community, resources, monthly newsletter and so much more to come. Even the Saturday Morning Coffee posts you have grown to love will still be around, just happening Fridays so I can spend less time on the weekends working.

I am truly excited to start the next season of life here with all of you. If it happens to be your first time hearing from me, head on over to the about page to learn a little bit more about who runs this place.

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You Were Made for This - Made in Mom Jeans