we all have a story

Here at the AM Coffee Collective we firmly believe that every woman has a story to tell. One of our goals, besides making this a bomb community for women to connect and learn from each other, is to provide a platform for women to share those stories. If you're interested in sharing your story with the AM Coffee Collective gals, just fill out this form below! 

A few things to consider before submitting your story:

The majority of our readers are women between the ages of 15-34 and are dealing with things going to college, long distance relationships, maintaining and forming friendships as adults, newlywed life, mental health issues, and so much more. If you like what you see in the AM Coffee Collective journal and think your story is a good fit for our audience, send it on over! Be sure to keep the following guidelines in mind. 

1. By submitting your post below, you agree that your post is completely original and has not posted anywhere else on the Internet. Additionally, you agree not to publish the post anywhere else {your own blog or as a guest post on other websites} in the future. 

2. All submitted content should be free from the following –  sexual language, political endorsement of a party or candidate, and derogatory or inflammatory language.

PS: We do not accept "guest posts" marketing pitches from companies looking for content links, nor will we accept submissions of links or graphics into existing posts.

PPS: If you wish for your story to be published anonymously, that's totally okay! Just be sure to let us know when you submit your story. 


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