Everything You Need to Know about Attending an Army West Point Football Game

Everything You Need to Know about Attending an Army West Point Football Game | Made in Mom Jeans

I went to a big football school, so I thought I knew a thing or two about surviving a college football game day. I could not have been more wrong, however, when it comes to Army football games. Honestly if I hadn’t already worked at West Point by the time I attended my first Army West Point home game, I would have been completely lost because everything is SO different. To make matters worse, cadets are usually busy before the games so anyone you would have to show you around is MIA. Luckily for you, you’ve got me.

We are rounding out my third football season at West Point so I know a thing or two about getting around an Army football game. I recently got A TON of questions about the most recent home football game from other girlfriends so I figured I would use my platform to actually spread what I know and help some people out down the road! Let’s get right into everything you need to know about attending an Army West Point football game!

What do I need to get on post?

Anytime you’re talking about getting on a military installation, there are a few things to keep in mind. The first is that you should always plan on getting to your destination early to avoid any type of traffic. The second is that you’re probably going to have to show some form of ID to get on post. While some exceptions to this rule may be made, like on game day for instance, you should always get in the habit of having a valid form of identification or visitors pass on you at all times. Also, just because they aren’t checking IDs, doesn’t mean your vehicle won’t get searched at random on game days.

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Where should I park?

General parking is typical available at Buffalo Soldier Field. You can gain a parking pass as an option when you purchase tickets or you can pay in cash once you get to West Point. Occasionally, either because of weather or the number of people expected to attend that Army game, general public may also be available at Target Hill Field. Shuttle busses are available to and from the general public lots to Michie Stadium.

What should I wear to an Army football game?

Army football games aren’t really like football in the south or at some big football schools. Since the students all have to wear uniforms, there isn’t much to game day fashion at West Point. Most people who attend Army games wear your standard jeans and a t-shirt or sweatshirt. For those of you who take football game fashion a little more seriously, West Point is full of gift shops that sell gameday perfect pieces such as this Hillflint sweater I picked up at the DUSA gift shop, located in the West Point museum. Make sure to check the weather (and I mean really, really well) before planning your Army football game outfit, however. The weather in New York can be pretty unpredictable. For example, 60 degrees and cloudy in the AM and 80 degrees and perfectly sunny postgame.

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What happens before the game starts?

Army football game days are filled with much more than football. Before each game, a parade takes place on The Plain located in the heart of West Point where you’ll not only be able to see Cadets marching but also features a parachute demonstration over the most iconic of West Point locations (weather permitting). If you’ve never seen a Cadet Review before, I highly suggest stopping by. After the parade, Black Knights Alley opens where there are all sorts of free goodies, musical performances, activities for the kids, and my favorite: the beer tent. Heads up though, the beer tent only accepts cash so make sure you come prepared.

Can I sit with my cadet?

The number one question I get asked about West Point football games is are cadets allowed to sit with civilians and vice versa. The real answer is no but we all know how scrappy West Point girlfriends are when it comes to getting time with their cadets. The 50 yard line where the Cadet section and the civilian sections meet is the typical hang out spot for cadets who have guests visiting. It’s also a pretty prime spot to watch the game and the cadets are always entertaining.

Have you been to an Army football game before? What tips do you have for someone who is attending their first game? Let me know below what you think in the comments!