Places We Love at Fort Benning

I know there are new people coming to Fort Benning every day so I figured a round-up of the places Justin and I are loving so far would be super helpful for anyone who is new to the area. I blinked and we've been here a month already and man, there's a lot you can do here in a month. Granted, most of the places we love involve food and/or beer but that's just us. We have been loving exploring our new area on the weekends so maybe I'll update this post regularly throughout our time here.

Fort Benning and the Columbus, Georgia area really has a lot to offer for everyone but, especially young couples. I was honestly shocked when I realized how large of an area Columbus actually encompasses because I just assumed it would be a small blip outside of Fort Benning. That's definitely not the case! Anyways, here are all of the places we are loving so far at Fort Benning and the surrounding Columbus area! Stuff that makes this list are places I've immediately loved, can remember, or just places we've been more than once. I can't wait to add to this list in the future!

Your Pie

Your Pie was the site of our most recent local date night and we knew we were in the right place when we walked in and the lady behind the counter called the place "a subway for pizza". It's basically exactly what you think that means, you get to create your own pizza and they fire it up in a woodfire grill. You can even get beer there which is always a bonus in my book. Your Pie is located on Broadway so it's great for date night if you're looking for something a little more lowkey. Take a walk along the river after for a bit of romance. 

Market Days on Broadway

Speaking of Broadway, each Saturday they host a farmers market from 9-noon and Justin and I have gotten into the habit of going every weekend now. We love being able to pick up fresh, local fruit and vegetables and I plan on visiting the plant guy again very soon. Also, the lemonade guy, don't pass him up. There's more to the market than just produce, though! There are a ton of great local vendors where you can get everything from dog treats to wooden signs and more. 


Maltitude is the hub for all things craft beer. If you're looking for a great selection you can take home, Maltitude should definitely be your first stop. We try to pick something new up each weekend. I love trying all of the local beers from different breweries and so far, I've found a few things I really enjoy. Justin enjoys finding and trying the most obscure things he can find so it's perfect for both of us.


Speaking of craft beers, if you're a beer person you have to check out Nonic. I knew I wanted to go to Nonic ASAP when I saw that they had Deviled Eggs on the menu. Yes, please! If you're looking for trendier food options, it's a great place for tapas or if you're looking to try something new. Justin doesn't like to eat there because the menu isn't your standard fare but we love popping over for drinks before our after dinner. Their beer selection is extensive and truly has something for everyone. 

Local Coffee Shops

There are two coffee shops that I know of on Broadway and from what I can tell, each of them has their own cult-like following. I've only had each of them twice so I'll be keeping my preference a secret until I've had enough time to try a larger portion of each menu. But both Iron Bank Coffee and Fountain City Coffee are great, aesthetically pleasing coffee shops that should be on your list of things to do in Columbus. I could get behind and Iron Bank biscuit sandwich any time of day. 

Fresh Market

Justin and I shop at the Commissary when we're in a pinch for grocery shopping but if we're truly going grocery shopping and aren't pressed for time, I've become obsessed with Fresh Market. Fresh Market is basically a smaller version of Whole Foods and can be a little on the pricier side but the quality of their products is fantastic. I especially like getting our meat from there. Bonus: it's two doors down from Target.

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