Winter Bridal Shower Inspiration

Y'all I had no idea where to start when deciding what I wanted for a bridal shower theme. At first, I was like, "Yes! Lilly Pulitzer errthang." And then I realized that my bridal shower would most likely be taking place in the dead of winter. Probably not a very Lilly Pulitzer friendly time of year. So we settled on a winter bridal shower theme. But I was determined to make this the best winter bridal shower and not just another bridal shower where half-priced Christmas decorations threw up post-holiday season. I still have no idea what I'm wearing but I figured today would be a fun day to share my winter bridal shower inspiration! Who knows, maybe this will get the creative fashion juices flowing *insert shrug emoji here*.

Winter Bridal Shower Mood Board

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I've affectionately named my bridal shower a "Sweater Weather Party" because all of the inspiration just gives me some seriously cozy vibes. And, I'll probably be wearing my favorite sweater of the season, so it's only fitting. My mom and I will be getting the bridal shower decor together this weekend while I'm visiting for Christmas and I truly cannot wait to see how it all comes together.

We are having it at a local Italian restaurant in my hometown which I know will only add to the cozy vibes. Everyone has also been instructed to wear their favorite sweater! We are also planning on making hot cocoa mix to put in the mugs that everyone will get to decorate during the shower! 

I honestly can't believe that it's almost time for my actual bridal shower. I still feel like this whole wedding planning thing has been a dream. Anyways, this is a real short post but I hope you found some inspiration for your own bridal shower here!