One Month Wedding Planning Update

Holy guacamole. There are currently 34 days until I get to marry the one. What the crap. When I started these wedding planning updates we still had ten months to go!!! Don't even bother me if I'm starting to freak out because the answer is yes. Mostly in an excited way though. Today when I sat down to write this (literally an hour prior to when it needed to be published... oops) I have such a sense of calm that is washing over me.

Don't get me wrong, we still have A LOT of wedding planning related stuff to take care of in this last month on top of Justin's graduation from West Point and our impending move to Georgia (which has just gotten pushed up pretty much an entire week but more on that in later blog posts) but the nervousness I talked about in last month's 2 month wedding planning update is virtually nonexistent at this point. I actually have an entire blog post ready to go on anxiety about getting married so keep an eye out for that one in the coming weeks. But today I'm going to revel in the peace I'm feeling about our wedding.

One final note, since this is pretty much the last real wedding planning update (holy crap) I am trying to think of a way to consolidate all of our wedding planning updates into something that is an easy reference for people to use. If you have any suggestions for anything related to wedding planning updates please let me know!

1 month wedding planning update.png

Wedding Planning Tasks Completed in April

First Wedding Dress Fitting - YOU GUYS. Every time I get an excuse to try on my wedding dress again is a good day. I had my first wedding dress fitting appointment at the beginning of April and couldn't be more pleased. I think I've said this before but the ladies at The Vow Boutique in Morgantown, WV are a dream to work with. I have almost no concerns about the way my wedding dress is going to look on our wedding day and that is a huge deal for someone who suffers from self-esteem issues in regards to my body.

Scheduled Second Wedding Dress Fitting - Because my wedding dress is currently 6+ hours away from me, I have to get creative with scheduling my fittings. My next fitting is actually taking place on April 27th, which is my birthday! TBD on whether I'll need another fitting after that or not.

Hair Trial - I had my hair trial at the beginning of April as well and it could not have gone better! I'm actually obsessed with the style we tried out and my hairstylist is a total gem.

Find Rehearsal Dinner Dress - My mom actually purchased a dress for me from Altar'd State because I had been struggling to find anything. I'll be trying it on this weekend so fingers crossed I love love love it. Otherwise, I'll be on the hunt again for one in May.

Create Wedding Day Timeline - Shout out to my amazing friend Shannon who came in clutch with a wedding day timeline template she had created for another one of our friends. Her template made it super easy to put together a wedding day timeline and I've already shared it with our photographer to see what she thinks about it. I expect it will need some tweaking here and there

Purchased a Veil - After much debate about which veil to chose, I finally have one! It is just the perfect compliment to my wedding dress and I can't wait to wear it.

Ordered Bridesmaids Gifts - I don't normally brag but I purchased what I believe to be the best, most original bridesmaids gifts ever. They are going to be so memorable and I can't wait to see their faces when they open them.

Ordered Decorations and Favors - We've got a great start on extra decorations and little goodies for our guests. Our koozies actually came in yesterday and they are seriously so adorable! We also ordered a few items for our welcome bags which I'm really excited about assembling.

Ordered Menus - We finalized our menu and actually ordered our menu templates which my mom is actually going to put together for me. Our tasting was in February so it felt good to get this finally checked off the list.

First Dance Song - FINALLY. Justin and I really struggled with choosing a song for our First Dance but I think we have finally found the one. It's funny because we actually both thought about it at the same time despite not being anywhere near each other. It's a little outside of the box but I think it suits us and the lyrics will be something we can relate to for years to come.

Wedding Planning Tasks To Be Completed in May

Choose Ceremony and Reception Music
Choose Ceremony Readings and Draft/Finalize Ceremony Script
Finalize Timeline and Share with Vendors
Get Marriage License
Gather Remaining Items for Welcome Bags
Create and Order Ceremony Programs
Find Signs for Ceremony
Complete All Vendor Worksheets/Questionnaires