Nashville Bachelorette Party Weekend - The Pros and Cons

You guys! How crazy is it that my Bachelorette Party has already come and gone? I'm freaking out that we now have less than 70 days until our wedding! I had so much fun this past weekend at my Nashville Bachelorette Party Weekend! I seriously have the best bridesmaids in the entire world because they all went above and beyond to make sure I had a good time. We had so much fun visiting Nashville so I hope you're ready for a ton of great Nashville themed content! 

Today's Nashville themed post is going to be the pros and cons of having a Bachelorette Party in Nashville. I figured that some of what we experienced would be more helpful in this format for the rest of my #BrideSquad out there who may be planning their own Nashville bachelorette party trip. I'll be bringing full posts on my Nashville outfits as well as everything we did while in Nashville so stay tuned for those posts which will be coming soon!

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Pros of Having a Nashville Bachelorette Party Weekend

  • There is literally something for everyone to do and enjoy

I am in a couple of Facebook groups that are about wedding planning and one concern I see ALL the time is how to plan a bachelorette party that's fun for everyone! I will say that Nashville is an amazing place for people of all ages and personalities because there are literally things to do in Nashville for everyone. Whether you want to drink the nights away, check out all the music-y tourist spots, or just explore and eat a lot of food (which is what we did) Nashville has something for every member of your bridal party. 

  • The food is seriously amazing and there are so many places to try

I went to Nashville with a Note on my iPhone filled with lists of places to eat. Let me tell you that the places to eat in Nashville do not disappoint. Even the little no-name taco bar we had to go to because everywhere else was full had a great menu and even better hot chicken tacos! I'll be doing an entire post on our itinerary next week so this is just a little sneak peek. But you can walk around Nashville all day and just eat, which is what my sole purpose there was to do. 

  • Everyone is super sweet, for the most part

I mean, it is the south, after all. All of our Uber drivers were amazing. The only questionable service we received was from a waitress who looked like she was entirely done with St. Patrick's Day. And the Draper James ladies gave us sweet tea when we walked in the door.

  • The Air B & B's are affordable and newly renovated

If you saw my Instagram stories (don't worry, there's still a Nashville highlight on my profile) then you probably saw how amazing our little Air B & B was. We picked it exactly because it would make a good place to take pictures and while there were a few issues, the house was adorable and perfect for our weekend trip. We were in East Nashville (I think) in an area where nearly all the houses had been recently flipped. It was residential and felt safe and our Uber's never had a hard time finding us. The best part was the affordability! 

  • You don't have to drink to have a good time

Like I said, there's something to do in Nashville for everyone. We only drank one night, which was Friday. Hangovers and the St. Patrick's Day crowds may have had a little to do with that but regardless, not drinking in Nashville didn't keep us from having a great time and making a ton of memories, which is what Bachelorette parties are all about!

Cons of Having a Nashville Bachelorette Party Weekend

  • Literally so many drunk people everywhere

I don't know if it's always been this way but Nashville is a party town. I've never been to New Orleans but I imagine it's similar to that experience. I think St. Patrick's Day had a lot to do with the sheer number of people everywhere and the rowdiness but at times, it was a bit much. Hence the reason we didn't end up going out on Saturday night. There's also a really funny story about a woman waving at us with a tiny hand...

  • There's always some big event happening

We had no idea that there were March Madness basketball games happening at the same time as the St. Patrick's Day crowds and about 3 major business conferences. All of the events added to the crazy wait times for everything but Uber, it seemed. It made it impossible to eat anywhere without a reservation which was a little annoying for people like us who just like to wander around.

  • It can be super touristy

As with any major city, Nashville can be super touristy. This goes hand in hand with the last three cons I've mentioned but everyone is always trying to go and do the same things. It also means that the prices are a little steeper than one would expect so be aware of that if you're planning a Nashville Bachelorette party.

  • The waits for the wall murals are long

If you want a picture of the famous Nashville wall murals, you better get there early and bring plenty of water and snacks. The wings, specifically, were a seriously long wait which is why we only got pictures with the I Believe in Nashville mural (which somehow didn't have a line). I had read a ton of Nashville related posts leading up to our weekend in Nashville but never once did I see someone mention the crazy long waits for wall mural pictures. 

  • The weather changes every 15 minutes

My MOH and I heard the best quote ever and that was, "If you don't like the weather in Nashville, wait 15 minutes." Which is totally true. The weather was constantly changing. Friday it was warm and mild, perfect for going out at night. Then there was a massive thunderstorm (which I slept right through).  Saturday it was in the 70s and absolutely beautiful when these super strong winds came out of nowhere! By the time we went out for drinks Saturday night, it was freezing! Sunday was mild and a bit rainy but by evening the sun had come out. It was seriously wild. My point here is that you need to be prepared for anything which means packing might be difficult!

Have you ever been to Nashville? Where is your Bachelorette Party going to be? Let me know in the comments!