5 Wedding Planning Tools That Will Absolutely Make Your Life Easier

5 Wedding Planning Tools That Will Absolutely Make Your Life Easier

Y'all this week has been a weird one for me. I have had ideas planned for posts this week that both have gone out the window thus far, leaving me scrambling and writing at the last minute. I promise it's all for good reasons, however. Today's spur of the moment post is actually one that I wish I had read when I first got engaged. You can read more about what I think you should do when you first get engaged here but if you're already past that point than put the wedding planning tools down. 

Why? Because I'm bringing you the 5 best wedding planning tools that will ABSOLUTELY and without a doubt make your life easier. 

When you first get engaged, there is this feeling of complete overwhelm because you are pretty much bombarded with wedding planning tools. I can't tell you the number of things I purchased or signed up for when we first got engaged because I had no idea of what actually would work. Everyone is different so what works for me may not work for you but here are 5 of the wedding planning tools that have become my tried and true over our long engagement

Now, here are the actual wedding planning tools that will help you plan a stressfree wedding!

The Knot Website

There are two main wedding planning websites out there, The Knot and Wedding Wire. While some people actually prefer Wedding Wire vs. The Knot because of the more in-depth checklist, I actually found it to be completely overwhelming. I actually purchased The Knot's Wedding Planning Binder (which I don't recommend doing as you'll see later) so I have a hard copy of their wedding planning checklist which breaks down everything you need to do each month leading up to your wedding. If you download The Knot Wedding Planning app, you can even open it up to find a daily checklist leading up to your wedding. 

We have been using The Knot for everything from finding vendors to hosting our wedding website and collecting RSVPs. We were able to collect RSVPs straight from our wedding website which has made getting a rough estimate a little easier than normal. 

A Wedding Planning Binder

Now, like I mentioned before I actually bought a wedding planning binder AND planner when we first got engaged. Seriously, there are just so many different wedding related products out there. Anyways, I highly suggest that you NOT purchase either of these things. I actually made my wedding planning binder, but it's not your typical binder with a ton of forms or anything like that. 
My wedding planning binder is super simple and easy to use. It's simply a binder from Target and some page protectors. 

Facebook Groups

I didn't even know Facebook Groups for weddings were a thing until my cousin told me about them but honestly, not sure why I'm surprised because they literally have Facebook groups for everything nowadays. While some of these groups can be pretty overwhelming, they can actually be pretty useful for asking questions, seeing photos of real weddings, looking for inspiration and ideas, etc. I'm part of The Wedding Connection group and there are A TON of useful things in there. I also just like helping to answer questions in my spare time.

Style Me Pretty App

The Style Me Pretty website is like a girl's dream for designing the perfect wedding. When we first got engaged, I was struggling to find ideas on Pinterest that I felt were true to us and that hadn't been done a million times. Style Me Pretty change my life. While the app is a little buggy every now and then, the website is great for finding all sorts of wedding inspiration. You can search weddings based on location, color palette, vibe,  and more. There are even tons of inspiration shoots to spark your wedding planning creative juices flowing!

The Knot Book of Wedding Lists

The Knot Book of Wedding Lists is my go-to gift for all of my friends who get engaged. I actually purchased this for my college roommate when she got engaged a few years ago and knew I would immediately buy it for myself when the time came. The Knot Book of Wedding Lists is exactly what it sounds like, lists for everything and anything wedding related. It even has questions to ask prospective vendors which I found super helpful in the early stages of wedding planning. 

What is your favorite wedding planning tool?