3 Month Wedding Planning Update

When I started doing these wedding updates for our wedding there were 10 months left to go. Here we are, 7 months later, with under 91 days left to go. I know, right? February was probably one of the most fun months of wedding planning we've had so far and also a little stressful. 

I feel like that's just the theme of wedding planning. Other than a few snags here and there we really haven't had that stressful of a time. It's weird because I feel like I should be complaining more? Let me know if that makes sense. Maybe that's a topic to dig deeper into in a full blog post or video!

3 month wedding planning update.png

Makeup Trial | I had my makeup trial at the beginning of the month and it absolutely blew me away! I'm so amazed by how talented my girl is and how she was able to create the perfect wedding day look for me simply by looking at a few pictures and listening to what I like. I didn't do anything special after getting it done, except go to Five Guys and Target, but it led to some pretty cool Instagram shots!

Menu Tasting | The next week, just before Valentine's Day, we had our tasting at our venue! I am so blown away by the customer service our venue provides. We were the only two in the entire restaurant and the head chef was there to present all of the dishes, offer suggestions, and answer any questions we had. The food was also amazing! I can't wait to hear our guests raving about it after our wedding. 

Purchased Favors | At first, we weren't going to do wedding favors but when a childhood friend reached out to me about doing homemade essential oil candles for our favors, I couldn't resist! They are handmade in my home state of West Virginia and it means a lot to me to be able to feature her business in my wedding! 

Purchased Ribbon Wands | Since we are not doing a traditional send-off after the reception, I wanted a way for our guests to "send us off" after the ceremony and saber arch. I think I mentioned in my inspo post about how obsessed with ribbon wands I am and I can't wait to see what these babies look like in person! 

Sent Invitations | Probably the most exciting part of our wedding planning update this month is that our invitations were sent out! We've already gotten a good amount of RSVPs back which is super exciting. I can finally start seeing everything come together!

Bridal Shower Thank You's | Not to brag or anything but I had almost all of the bridal shower thank you cards sent the week after my shower. I've heard of people putting them off for months and I knew that if I didn't get them done immediately that I probably never would so I made sure to get them out ASAP. I plan on doing the same with our wedding. 

Scheduled Dress Fitting | My first dress fitting appointment is officially March 31st! Cue the panic to find shoes... 

Order Wedding Shoes | I actually purchased two pairs of shoes for the wedding. The first pair is a super adorable pair of the Keds x Kate Spade sneakers with pearl embellishments. I'm hoping to find a super cute, short dress to change into for the cake cutting and later part of our reception so I can show them off.  I knew I wouldn't want to wear those all day though so yesterday I actually lucked out on The Real Real and found a super cute pair of wedge sandals that I think will be just darling. 

Buy Flights for Bachelorette Party | You wouldn't think that flying out of New York would be as complicated as it really is. 

Started Selecting Music | I did not realize how many songs we needed to pick and how complicated it was going to be selecting them! 

What's your wedding planning update for February?