Early Summer Wedding Inspiration - Garden Wedding Ideas

Guys, I am so excited to bring you today's post! I have kept my early summer wedding inspiration pretty tightly under wraps through the entire planning process. Mostly this is because our wedding wasn't really a pastel garden wedding theme until recently when all of the inspiration pictures finally started to come together. It really all started when we had our custom wedding crest made by an amazing artist on Etsy. Y'all absolutely loved my Winter Bridal Shower Theme mood board so I figured I would do the same and bring to you a bit of a sneak peal look into what I hope our wedding will look like!  

Early Summer Wedding - Pastel Garden Wedding Mood Board

Early Summer Wedding Inspiration - Garden Party Wedding Ideas.png


Our wedding ceremony will be outside and I really loved the idea of bringing a garden wedding inside as well so we kind of started rolling with the theme once it started popping out at us. I love pastel color palettes as well as florals so pretty much anything that gives me that French country or English garden party wedding vibes are good to go.

One idea I've super fallen in love with is ribbon wands. I saw a picture of them pretty early on in wedding planning and knew it would be a perfect "send off" for us since we aren't actually leaving our venue after the reception. One thing that's interesting about having a long engagement is watching your vision change and grow as you move closer to the actual wedding. 

Ugh, I can't wait! Our wedding is going to be a dream and I can't wait to share the pictures with you guys! If you want to know more about my wedding inpsiration, let me know!