AM Coffee Talk #09 - Death, Hart of Dixie + Wardrobe Overhaul

OMG Y’all I am in West Virginia this weekend for my freaking bridal shower. What?! I seriously can’t even believe this is happening. We’ve even gotten a few gifts in the mail already and it all seems so surreal. Like, I get to see my actual wedding dress today too. SO MUCH is happening right now. Don’t worry, there will be a full recap of my bridal shower on Wednesday!

Anyways, I’m rapid-fire typing this Saturday Morning Coffee (NUMBER NINE!!!) from a little boutique hotel in Morgantown, West Virginia called the Chestnut Boutique Hotel. I’ve stayed here once before a few years ago and it’s got all the big city luxury style in a mini city location. I just love it. If you’re ever in my old stomping grounds and need a place to stay, definitely check it out!

ONE || This heartbreaking note from a woman’s deathbed

Y’all are going to want to grab the tissues for this one if you haven’t seen it already. This post went viral like five whole days ago and I didn’t read it until Friday morning but man, is it powerful. She really puts everything into perspective with her words. Yesterday after I read this I wanted to complain about a few things and then remembered what she had said. How much better would our lives be if we just lived like this instead of complaining or competing or focusing on the material? I encourage you all to click through and read it, it’s really worth it.

TWO || My Mountaineers are #2!

WVU’s Men’s Basketball team has been kicking butt and taking names this season and their rank in the AP poll shows it! I really really really hope they keep this up come March Madness! If you didn’t know, I love college sports, especially when WVU is doing well. Let’s Go, Mountaineers!

THREE || Hart of Dixie

How many of you have binged watched this show on Netflix recently? I just started it last weekend and I can’t get over HOW GOOD it is. I am so sad that there are only 4 seasons. Lemon Breeland is like my wardrobe idol! I seriously drool over every single one of her outfits and the inspiration has definitely been spilling into my recent Target Instastories try-ons.

FOUR || Overhauling my closet

This was seriously so much overdue. I mean, I still have clothes in my closet from high school. It is a new year and that means out with the old and in with the new! I am finally committed to what I want my personal style to be and ready to make it happen. That means I spent an ungodly amount of time going through my closet last weekend. There’s still a lot of work to do so I need to get on that ASAP so i can start filling my closet with clothes I’ll ACTUALLY wear. Stay tuned for a whole series of my wardrobe overhaul coming at ya real soon!

FIVE || These Wedding Invitations

I mean guys, seriously. How can you not love these wedding invitations from Basic Invite? If you haven't checked out the post I wrote in partnership with them, definitely check it out! They are an amazing company and the quality of their products is wonderful. We might actually be getting new wedding invitations because of how much I love theirs! Also, I had a good laugh with everyone thinking that we were getting married in Bermuda. 

I'm also changing things up a bit and adding in my favorite blog posts from the week to the bottom of this post! If you're a blogger, leave your favorite post from the week in the comments so I can check it out!

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