AM Coffee Talk #25 - I cut my hair + we're officially moving!

YOU GUYS. I have been waiting for this moment for YEARS. I finally went and got my hair cut this past week just before we left for Georgia! If you know me personally then you know that I typically always have pretty short hair. I mean, after graduating from college I chopped ALL my hair off and got a pixie cut. I actually had a pixie cut when Justin and I first met! After dealing with the upkeep of having a pixie, I decided to start growing my hair out and then we got engaged. So naturally, I have been growing my hair out for a little over three years now. 

lob haircut,  long bob hair cut, cute hair cuts for women, medium hair cut, short balayage

I actually went back and forth about whether or not I should cut my hair. While I've always worn it short (because I have a lot of hair and it's more manageable that way) I do really like having my hair long. I'm a firm believer that different hairstyles, like fashion, make us feel certain ways and I've enjoyed going through life as a long-haired girl. But Y'all, I took one look at the weather forecast in Georgia this week and knew when I saw 90+ degrees every day of the week I knew it had to go. Here's a before and after shot:

lob haircut,  long bob hair cut, cute hair cuts for women, medium hair cut, short balayage

I already feel so much sassier and so much more me. I mean, I knew I would since this is how I normally have my hair but this cut is just so perfect that I think it'll be around for a while. I can't wait to start playing around with it more and seeing how it ramps up my style. Though, I don't know how much "style" I'm going to have in this Georgia heat. It might be gym shorts and tank tops gracing the 'gram for a while. 

Speaking of Georgia... we're officially moving! When you're reading this we are officially en route to our first (temporary) home in Georgia! I'm actually writing this from a cheap hotel bed (last time I ever let Justin pick a hotel). I literally cannot wait to share our house with you guys and I have so many fun things planned for home decor content so stay tuned for that. I also have a really fun idea in mind for recapping our move with you guys so I hope you're ready for what's gonna be hitting the blog in the next few weeks. 

(Including our wedding recap which is coming, just waiting for photos!).

Anyways, I'm going to keep this edition of SMC short so we can hit the road. Let me know if you like these more chatty versions of SMC or if you prefer the old versions better. I didn't mean to start doing SMC this way but the last couple editions but it's just been the easiest way to get flowing sometimes! I'm literally so excited for the next few months of blogging so I hope you guys are getting just as hyped as I am! 

Until next time y'all,