What I Wore to My Winter Bridal Shower - Winter Bridal Shower Outfit Idea

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First, let me apologize that I did not get a chance to actually shoot my bridal shower outfit. My plan for this post was to actually do a photoshoot for it but I never got a chance to the weekend of my shower and my photographer (aka Justin) was busy literally all weekend and there was no way it was happening. Since I literally spent no time in my bridal shower recap post talking about my outfit, however, I still wanted to bring this post to you guys today! 

The story behind my bridal shower outfit is actually kind of hilarious, to me anyways. I had been freaking out over what I was going to wear to my winter bridal shower for the whole month leading up to it. I had envisioned wearing a cute skirt and sweater combo but wasn't loving anything I found. On a whim the weekend before my shower, I decided to go through my closet. In my Lilly Pulitzer stash, I found this dress hidden in the masses and couldn't believe I had forgotten about it! 

Justin and I have had a long engagement which means that I've been buying wedding related things for over a year now. That's the story with this Lilly Pulitzer dress. I purchased it pre-loved from one of the Facebook groups I'm in and fell in love with it. I even had it altered right after it arrived! It was seriously meant to be for my bridal shower. 

The shoes I wore for my bridal shower are the ones I purchased to wear for this holiday outfit as well as a few events we have coming up. They are by Marc Fisher and I cannot even begin to tell y'all how comfy they are! I seriously wore them and stood for the entire day and didn't feel an ounce of pain! 

A few accessories I wanted to wear but didn't: I purchased these amazing statement earrings from Target a few days prior to my shower and completely forgot to change my earrings out before leaving. I just ended up wearing the pearl studs that I always wear and used the tassel earrings for fun when we went out later that evening. The other accessory I wanted but couldn't find was a white jeweled cardigan. I think a cardigan with jewels around the collar, like the ones from Kate Spade, would have seriously been so freaking cute with this outfit.