13 Week Bumpdate + First Trimester Thoughts

I feel like since announcing our pregnancy online I actually haven’t spent that much time really talking but what the past three months have been like. First of all, how crazy is it that my first trimester is already over? I know it may not have seemed like a long time for you guys but the last three months have been a total mix between eager anticipation and a whirlwind of counting down days. I’ve chatted a bit recently on my Insta stories about my pregnancy but I figured sharing these little “Bumpdate” pregnancy updates at the end of each trimester, along with my thoughts from that trimester, things that happened during that trimester, etc. would be a fun way to document this journey and to share my experience with all of you.

As I mentioned in our pregnancy announcement, I actually found out that I was pregnant right away at 4 weeks, which isn’t something that happens a lot. TBD on whether or not this was a blessing or a curse. Justin and I have gotten a crash course in Army hospitals and Tricare through this pregnancy already and it’s not even halfway through yet! We actually didn’t even see a doctor until THIS WEEK (like literally yesterday was my first appointment) because of how crazy Army hospitals are. To make a long story short: the hospital here requires an orientation before an appointment can be made re: pregnancy, the woman who hosts the orientation had surgery and was out for a really long time which pushed back the timelines of several women, including myself. Now it seems that our prenatal care is on track though and I can’t even begin to describe to you how much a relief that is. The past 13 weeks without seeing a doctor have been torture for this first time mom. Funny enough, my doctor and I are from the same place in West Virginia which is a wild coincidence.

We were so anxious that I actually went to a private ultrasound place that specializes in pregnancy in order to check that everything was okay and that it was a viable pregnancy. This was at around 9 weeks, the week before we actually announced our pregnancy. I was so anxious leading up to our 13 week appointment with the doctor.

First Trimester Thoughts:

I didn't know I could feel this tired

Not being able to drink beer or wine really sucks

How is it possible to grow out of clothes this fast

Why haven't I worn seamless/underwire-free bras my whole life?

I can’t do this (first breakdown)

It’s too early for me to be experience “Mom shaming”

Darrian Chamblee, blogger 13 week pregnancy update

13 Week Bumpdate

How far along: 13 weeks and two days!

Size: As big as a lemon (or as long as a tube of lipstick on this specific day).

Name Situation: We have first names picked out for both a boy and a girl that we're pretty set on, just have to figure out middle names!

Gender: We both are convinced Baby Chamblee is a boy! Surprisingly enough we actually got to find out at our doctor’s appointment yesterday so place your bets now!!!

Sickness: NONE. Thank goodness, hopefully, it stays that way!

Cravings: Berries, cereal, milk

Aversions: Not a really big fan of chicken right now. Some days nothing sounds good at all!

What I'm Wearing: It’s still really hot here in Georgia so I’m still wearing summer type clothing which is difficult considering I’m quickly growing out of all of it and I really don’t want to purchase maternity summer clothes. I have gotten a pair of maternity jeans and shorts which are definitely saving me right now.

Bellybutton: No change to the bellybutton yet.

Movement: Call me crazy, but I swear I can feel little flutterings in there. At our first ultrasound, the tech commented on how much the baby was moving around in there so maybe this is why?

Sleep: Tossing and turning at night, still waking up at least once in the middle of the night to pee.

Weight gain: I’ve only gained 5 lbs so far but I feel like it’s a lot more LOL!

Physical Changes: DEFINITELY stating to see a bump. I’m still on that fine line between looking like I ate too much and being pregnant.

Workouts: I’ve been too exhausted to do much of anything, let alone get into a workout routine but I’m hoping to add walking and yoga back into my daily routine soon!

What we're most excited about: Announcing the gender!

What we're least excited about: The fact that Justin will most likely be gone when the baby is born.

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