My Weekly Routine as a Full-Time Blogger and Stay at Home Wife

I didn't technically become a full-time blogger by choice. When my husband and I got married and set off on our military journey, I left a full -time desk job of three years and entered a world filled with unknowns. When I realized that now as the perfect time to take a shot at this blogging thing, I knew setting up a weekly routine was going to be critical to my success as a full-time blogger.

Creating a routine and sticking to it was definitely not easy! When you have all the freedom of working from home, it's easy to quickly fall into bad habits like binge-watching Netflix instead of actually being productive. I was working really well at what I thought was a good routine until I got pregnant and everything changed. Due to the fatigue, I quickly fell off off that routine and once I regained my energy, I struggled to get back into it.

Two weeks ago I started my current full-time blogging routine and I am happy to report that it is working great for me so far! I was able to take the lessons I learned from the first failed routine and apply them to my current one. The beauty of full-time blogging routines, work from home routines, or stay at home wife routines, is that they are by nature very flexible! I love that I can take this shell of a routine and mold it into what I need for whatever season of life I'm in and that's why I'm sharing my full-time blogging routine with you today. I've also included helpful tips throughout as well as some steps to get you started in creating your own work from home routine!

My Weekly Routine as a Full-Time Blogger and Stay at Home Wife

My Weekly Routine for Full-Time Blogging


  • Wake up naturally between 7:30-8:00 am

  • Take dogs out, make coffee, eat breakfast

  • Take an hour to check social media, watch YouTube, etc.

  • Get ready (actual "work" outfit, etc.)

  • 9:00 am - Go to "the office"

*Tip: The most important step I took when first transitioning to working from home was to treat blogging like it was a real job. Every day I get up and get ready as if I were going to a normal job at a workplace.

Working in the Morning

  • Make To-Do List (typical to-do list, possible printable?)

  • Edit/Double Check blog posts for the following day

  • Prepare social media shares for blog posts

  • Schedule Weekly FB content (Mondays)

  • Check content calendar, decide what posts to draft (working a week ahead)

*Tip: Find a planning method that works the best for you. I use a combination of Trello, a free website, and a paper planner to keep track of my daily tasks, blog posts, etc. Let me know if you're interested in seeing a full tutorial on how my Trello is set up!


  • Take an hour or so break for lunch (usually around noon or one)

  • Some days I will continue working through the afternoon

  • Others I spend focusing on things that need done around the house (cleaning)

    • Once a week: bedding and towels

    • Twice a week: sweep, vaccuum, run robot

    • As needed: dishes/kitchen (we have a small sink and a small dishwasher which means I do this like almost every day).

  • I also use afternoons to run errands or schedule time with friends


  • Wednesdays are my off days during the week.

  • I save Wednesdays for scheduling appointments, errands, etc.

  • I also use Wednesdays to work on bigger projects around the house (and weekends)

*Tip: Aside from weekends, setting a day during the work week aside in order for me to use as a "free day" was crucial to my productivity and mental health. Try setting aside at least half of a day where you can do whatever you want without having to stick to a schedule or to use for scheduling appointments so you're keeping your weekly schedule as routine as possible.

Your Turn:

  • Identify your priorities

  • Set a schedule you can actually stick to

  • Leave room for flexibility

  • Let people know about your "work day"

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My Weekly Routine as a Full-Time Blogger and Stay at Home Wife