What to Wear to a Winter Bridal Shower

What to Wear to a Winter Bridal Shower as a Bride or as a Guest

Whether you’re attending a winter bridal shower as the bride or going to a winter bridal shower as a guest, trying to decide what to wear to a winter bridal shower can be a serious challenge! Last year (around this time, which is actually crazy!) I was in full on panic mode because I had no idea what I was going to wear to my Sweater Weather Bridal Shower in January. So I wrote this guide on what to wear to a winter bridal shower in order to give myself some inspiration for outfits. Now that it’s 2019, I figured it was time to give this guide a bit of a makeover itself so I’ve added an entire section on what to wear to a winter bridal shower as a guest as well!

Before diving in, here’s all the details on what I actually wore to my winter bridal shower as well as the inspiration behind the entire winter bridal shower theme!

Tips for Planning your Winter Bridal Shower Outfit:

  1. Just because it’s winter, doesn’t mean you can’t wear a dress

  2. If you’re feeling bold, try out a spicier outfit combination (like a jumpsuit)

  3. Have a backup option just in case the weather is bad

  4. Don’t be afraid to step outside of the box as a bride

  5. If you’re a guest, keep the theme of the bridal shower in mind when outfit planning

What to Wear to a Winter Bridal Shower as a Bride

The Sweater Dress - The sweater dress is a classic staple in a woman’s winter wardrobe but I love the idea of wearing a white one for a winter bridal shower. Sweater dresses are typically very cozy and look great paired with boots or heels depending on how wintery your winter is. Pair with a belt for some shape and you’re good to go!

The Sweater and Skirt Combination - I love pairing sweaters and skirts in the winter and y’all know I’m super obsessed with my favorite sweater ever right now which just so happens to be white… so I love the idea of getting a really festive winter skirt or pencil skirt to pair with it for my bridal shower. There is seriously so much you could do with this combination and as an added bonus, you’ll have two separate pieces you can wear long after wedding festivities are over!

The Jumpsuit - If you are having a fancier type of bridal shower or are just the kind of woman who can seriously rock a jumpsuit, this is also a great option for a winter bridal shower outfit. I tried and failed at pulling this off a few days ago so I’m going to stick to a sweater and skirt combo but I seriously am obsessed with the jumpsuit idea. Throw a sweater over it for the perfect winter outfit combination.

What to Wear to a Winter Bridal Shower as a Guest

Denim and Your Favorite Sweater - If the bride is having a winter bridal shower, then chances are the theme is going to be a bit more on the cozy vibes side of things. My bridesmaids and all of the bridal shower guests wore their favorite sweater as a nod to the sweater weather bridal shower theme! It can be hard to wear a dress in the winter, so wearing a cozy sweater and jeans shouldn’t be overlooked. You can also dress up this outfit a little more by wearing a skirt!

Winter Pastels - There is something so pretty about a winter pastel color palette, especially for a bridal shower! When looking for something to wear to a winter bridal shower, consider browsing websites by color palette as a starting point.

I hope that this was helpful whether you’re a bride or a guest looking for what to wear to a winter bridal shower. If you’ve had or attended a winter bridal shower, drop a link to your looks below! And for more fashion inspiration, you can follow me on Pinterest!