4 Month Wedding Planning Update

Alright, I'm panicking. We've officially reached the 4-month mark and it's all finally starting to hit me. And also, the to-do list keeps growing and growing and growing. To say I'm starting to get overwhelmed would be an understatement.

I'm actually already getting a little sad that these posts are going to be coming to an end soon. There will only be THREE more! Maybe I should transition these into marriage updates once the wedding is done, at least for the first year? Let me know what you guys think about that!

Anyways, I'm going to enjoy these last four months of wedding planning while I've got them but let me tell you this month (particularly last week) got a little crazy with the wedding debacles. I actually told Justin, "I really hope this isn't what the next four months are going to be like!"

Anyways, here's what we tackled in January:

My Bridal Shower | The second weekend of January, my mom and bridesmaids threw me the most amazing shower a girl could have asked for! We went for a sweater weather theme and I absolutely love the way everything came together (and how yummy the Italian food was!). You can read the bridal shower recap here and check out what I wore here!

Picked Up Engagement Ring | Remember my engagement ring fiasco? Well, the weekend of my bridal shower I was finally able to get my hands on my new ring! I absolutely love it and couldn't be more pleased with the results, even if I am still bummed that I had to say goodbye to my original setting. 

Create Details Card | I had originally done a details card when we ordered our invitations but it printed almost illegible so I needed to redo that. Anyways, the final detail cards are on their way to me thanks to my amazing mom and I'll be assembling our invitations in no time!
Address Invitations | I wanted to be proactive and Justin had a weekend full of training so I took the initiative to go ahead and address all of the invitations! All but a few are addressed and waiting patiently to be assembled and delivered!

Schedule Hair Trial | My hair trial is officially April 7th and I couldn't be more excited! Now if I could only decide what I want to do with it...

Meet with Florist | I totally botched a meeting with my florist last week. I mean, completely scheduled it on the wrong day of the week and then didn't even remember it... like at all. But some good did come out of it because my florist and I chatted about a few changes and we settled on an arch! (Finally).

Cake Tasting | Last, but not least, Justin and I went to our cake tasting last Saturday! I think this is one of the best parts of wedding planning. We had so much fun trying the different flavors and picking out how we wanted the cake to look. I'm not a huge cake person so I let Justin take the lead on this and needless to say, I think he had a lot of fun. 

I don't even want to look at the rest of my to-do list right now, anyone else? Wedding planning can be so fun yet so stressful sometimes!

If you're a bride, what did you cross off of your to-do list this month?