6 Month Wedding Planning Update

What. What? What! Y’all. I know that you’re probably sick of the intros to these wedding planning update posts if you’ve read all of the others but where has the time gone? Everytime I look at the calendar I feel like someone is legit playing a prank on me because of how fast this past year has gone by. I know the holiday season is going to make it go by that much quicker too. Please please please tell me that I’m not alone in freaking out a little bit. May 2018 brides, where you at?

It seems like just yesterday Justin and I were with our families and celebrating the beginning of our engagement and now we are just six months away from our wedding day. To say I’m excited would be the understatement of the century. Anyways, I wanted to bring you this quick wedding planning update because I love reading these myself and you all seem to like when I do them! If you’re a bride to be or have any advice on things I should be doing sooner rather than later, please help a sister out. Alright, let’s get right into what I accomplished on the wedding planning front in November:

Purchase Bridal Shower Invitations | Remember those adorable bridal shower invitations I showed you in last month’s wedding planning update? Well we finally purchased them! TBH I’m only just now realizing that I won’t actually receive one myself which is sad because they’re so stinking cute! As I mentioned, we’re doing a Sweater Weather themed bridal shower in January so look for an entire post on my bridal shower inspiration as well as a recap!

Pay Off Wedding Dress | My wedding dress is officially paid off! And even better news? When I called to pay off the last $100 the girl at the bridal salon told me that my dress had actually come in THAT DAY. Talk about timing. I cannot wait to see it again and try it on in January.

Purchase a Veil | I still have no idea what kind of veil I’m going to wear but I believe my mom actually purchased one off of Etsy for me last week. Fingers crossed that it works because finding the perfect veil has been a serious struggle.

Research Hair and Makeup | I didn’t really do much research on hair and makeup yet which is something I really need to get on. I’m not sure why but I haven’t been feeling that inspired about hair and makeup lately, specifically for the wedding. Hopefully that will change soon.

Update Wedding Website | As I mentioned last month, I completely redid our wedding guest list on The Knot to make sure that everyone was there and that we had all the addresses we needed. This month I actually decided to allow guests to RSVP on our wedding website so that we could start getting an idea of who was coming and how many. I keep sending out Save the Dates so our guest list has gotten maybe just a tiny bit out of control at this point.

Start Planning Ceremony | While we were in WV/MD for Thanksgiving we went over a little bit of what my dad’s typical wedding ceremony is like. It was so fun to start going over ideas for our actual wedding ceremony. We still have a lot of details to work out but seeing a basic outline was reassuring.

Work on Wedding Body | Okay y’all I’ve been working hard on eating right and working out. Not necessarily just for the wedding but for my overall health in general and it has been LIFE CHANGING. If you want to know more about my journey you can read about it in this post and shoot me an email (darrianmichelleblog@gmail.com) or slide into my DM’s on Instagram if you want to know more!

That’s pretty much it for this month. I know there’s a ton of stuff that’s going to start happening once January rolls around so I’m soaking in the down time right now. So so so excited that the big day is almost here! If you’re planning your wedding let me know some of the things you accomplished this month!