5 Month Wedding Planning Update

We are back to our regular schedule now that Christmas is over and it's the last Wednesday of the month which means it's time for another wedding planning update! I thought these were going to be less and less interesting as time went on but I'm starting to think that there is no such thing as downtime when it comes to wedding planning. Just when you think you've got it all under control something crazy happens! 

I can't believe we're 5 months away. I know I write something like this every time I do one of these posts but I'm seriously blown away by how quickly time passes. I feel like we just got engaged yesterday! We've finally started discussing the big details like what we're going to do for the ceremony and our first dance song though so the next 5 months of wedding planning should be pretty exciting. I know the last month sure has been! Here's what we crossed off our to-do list in December:

Mailed Bridal Shower invitations | My bridal shower is in January (and I still have no idea what to wear). My mom actually mailed out the bridal shower invitations so now we just wait for the RSVPs to roll in! I'm so excited to celebrate with all of my loved ones in one place which doesn't happen very often. 

Pick up wedding bands | Justin and I ordered our wedding bands a few months ago back in October from a local jeweler in Virginia. I finally got to pick them up while I was visiting for Christmas. Of course, this led to a whole other fiasco that I haven't even mentioned yet. BUT the good thing is that our wedding bands look great!

Buy a new engagement ring | I know what you're thinking: WHAT? (The next sentence should be read as though it is dripping with sarcasm)... The lovely chain jewelry store that Justin purchased my engagement ring from took a ring that was a 7 and sized it down to a 5 instead of ordering him a new one, and basically did such an amazing job that my ring cracked on the bottom. Thankfully the local jeweler my mom goes to noticed the damage. Unfortunately the ring could not be resized again which I needed since it never fit correctly in the first place AND I lost 15 pounds since then so.... needless to say I left with a new setting for my diamond. Justin and I are going to team up to do a whole post on buying engagement rings where I'll share the whole story of what went down in more detail!

Decide on escort table | I had a really hard time trying to decide what I wanted to do for our escort table. There are tons of ideas on Pinterest but all of the ones that really spoke to me were going to take forever to DIY or cost a fortune to buy. Justin and I recently made a random trip to Hobby Lobby where I found these great wire memo boards that are gold. We purchased two of those and hopefully, the table cards will look good attached to them!

What wedding planning tasks did you accomplish this month?

That's really all I have for the wedding planning updates this month. There are just a few but the engagement thing was a huge deal. No one ever expects that to happen. Thank goodness it was insured!