Easy DIY Bridesmaid Boxes on a Budget

Asking a friend or family member to be a part of your wedding day by being a bridesmaid is one of the most fun and rewarding parts of wedding planning, in my opinion. Last month, I shared some helpful questions all brides should ask themselves before asking the bridal party and today I thought it would be fun to actually talk about how to ask your bridesmaids!

The wedding industry has definitely exploded in recent years and aside from giving gifts to family, it can feel as though the bride is required to dote on her bridesmaids as well. Premade, designer bridesmaids boxes can cost upwards of $60 but today I’m going to be talking about how to create easy DIY bridesmaid boxes on a budget!

Do You Have to Do Bridesmaid Boxes?

The upfront, the honest answer is: No! You don’t have to “propose” to your bridesmaids in some elaborate way, a simple card and handwritten note will do. However, asking someone to take part in and share your special day is kind of a big deal. Your bridesmaids should never expect to get some sort of elaborate gift and that’s what makes it a nice gesture to put something thoughtful together for them.

Where Can I Get Budget Friendly Supplies?

There were a few places I shopped at when I was putting together my DIY Bridesmaid Boxes. The first place I shopped at, naturally, was Target. Target is where I picked up the boxes to hold the goodies as well as the cards that each of them received a handwritten note. TJ Maxx was my other go-to location for their bridesmaid boxes. At TJ Maxx I was able to pick up adorable bath bombs as well as well as small notebooks for the Maid and Matron of Honor for speech drafts. Crinkle paper is easy to find at Michael’s and generally on sale (bonus if you have a coupon!).

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Here’s What I Included in My Bridesmaid Proposal Boxes:

Cute Box - $5

I saw these adorable gift boxes in the holiday section of Target last Chrismas, fairly soon after we got engaged. I got them back when I thought our colors were just going to be blush and gold… which has definitely changed but the boxes are still adorable. They were small enough that I knew I could ship them if I needed too and sturdy enough that they wouldn’t get too damaged if anyone was too hard on them.

Card with Personalized Note - $3 for 5 cards

Have I mentioned before how much I love the dollar section in Target? I got these adorable blank note cards from there with the perfect amount of handwritten notes to each of my girls. Including a personalized note for each of them is honestly the most important part. I wish I would have even gone a step farther by adding a picture of each us together into each box but that’s something I can also save for the wedding day! Don’t forget to actually ask them to be your bridesmaid on the note as well!

Bath bombs - $7.99 for 3

I included a bath bomb for each of my bridesmaids in their boxes because I love the idea of giving them something they can use in an at-home spa night kind of way. Had I thought about it then, throwing in some sort of facemask from Target would have been a great idea too to go along with the bath bomb. Anyways, I got two sets of these bath bombs which were packaged in sets of three from TJ Maxx. I’m not sure if TJ Maxx carries bath bombs all of the time but Target is also a great place to get an affordable bath bomb or treat your girls to your favorite bath bomb from Lush!

Drink Koozies - $1

Again, the Target dollar section came in clutch for me when I was putting together my bridesmaid proposal boxes. I snagged adorable black koozies with gold glitter writing on them and put one in each gift box. They looked very Kate Spade which I knew each of my bridesmaids would appreciate.

Magnetic Notepads - $1

If you’re like me, then you love making lists. I can never have too many list pads lying around and what’s better for keeping a list of all the things your girls need to know about your big day? I snagged the list pads for my bridesmaids at… you guessed it, the Target dollar store. For my Maid and Matron of Honor, I chose to get them little notebooks instead of the list pads so that they could have a place to write their speeches!

You can see more about my DIY Bridesmaid Boxes on my YouTube channel in the video below, including the exact items I used!

No matter how you choose to ask your girls (and maybe even guys) the question, you can bet that your friends are going to be more than happy to stand with you on your big day. Bridesmaid proposal boxes should be fun to do so don’t stress about them! At the end of the day, your friends are going to be ecstatic that you put thought into whatever it is you come up with and that you’ve asked them to share on your big day!